Isaiah Blue (Alphonse Media) is an award-winning cosplayer turned professional photographer and music composer. In his early college years at UofH, he started his interest with photography and video editing by helping a local community with creating slideshow videos for their summer program. Later on, with the help of two Houstonian photographers, he entered the world of professional photography by shooting as a part-time assistant. Covering Conferences, Weddings, Quinceañeras, Vasakhi, and Concerts; Isaiah grew with vast knowledge on how to frame compelling shots and unique perspectives. He later moved to Fort Worth in 2011 to start anew, with the hopes of becoming a professional photographer of his own.

A few years later, he would enter the world of conventions and cosplay, with his 1st competition/convention being held in Fan Expo Dallas 2015. Winning Best in Show, Advanced/Masters, and Judge’s Choice through multiple conventions; Isaiah (a.k.a IBlue Cosplay) was given the opportunity to become cosplay judge for Arlingcon 2018 and a cosplay guest at Fan Expo Dallas 2019.

In late 2019, Isaiah began to pursue his photography passion and began his business under the name “Alphonse Media”. His company has served North Texas for over 3 years, with clients such as Fan Expo Dallas, Weebcon, Snap 2 Official, Novice Garage & Khai Cøzzy. Isaiah plans to deliver more amazing content, photos, cosplay and music for many years to come.

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