For Prospective Dealers

Information for Prospective Dealers

Dealers Room Status: OPEN

The Exhibit Hall is one of the busiest areas at A-KON, and attendees are eager to get their hands on new anime releases, plushies, toys, clothes, accessories, and other merch. There are two kinds of vendors found within the Exhibit Hall: Dealers and Artists. If you’re interested in or have questions about our exhibit hall keep reading!  

Dealer’s booths are available in the following build outs:

  • Single Booth - Standard (10x10)
  • Single Booth - Corner (10x10)
  • Multiple Booths - Standard (10x20)
  • Multiple Booths - Endcap (10x20)
  • Extra Large Booth (20x20)

How do you apply to become a Dealer?

The first step is to let us know you’re interested and to email us a dealer inquiry at

Once we get it, our dealers liaison will take it, review it, and – assuming you’re accepted – send you a copy of the Dealers Contract to complete. It’ll outline the terms and conditions for vending at A-KON, so make sure to give it a good read-through before signing!

From there, you’ll get email updates from our liaison about load-in and load-out procedures, docking information, drayage info (for those shipping merch to and from the show), internet and electrical service purchase forms (if you need those services), booth assignments, and more.

This stuff is important! Make sure your contact info is up to date, since the email you provided us will be the one that our liaison sends all the info to.

Unfortunately, we have limited Exhibit Hall space and finite booths so we can’t accept every vendor. We do, however, have a waitlist of potential future vendors, and if you don’t get in but are otherwise qualified, we’ll happily make sure that your business is in it for consideration in future years!

How do you apply to the Artist Alley?

If you’re an artist, please click here for more info about applying to Artist Alley.

What is the difference between Dealers and Artist Alley and which do I apply for?

We define a Dealer as a vendor that sells merchandise that is manufactured and produced by a company other than the on-site vendor.

Artists, who have tables in the Artist Alley, on the other hand, are selling merchandise they’ve personally created, crafted or made.

In rare cases, such as clothing lines, some “artists” may qualify for a Dealer’s booth and may elect to move to the Dealer’s area provided they are willing to abide by the rules and pay the increased price for the larger booth space.  Dealers, as defined above, are not allowed to purchase Artist Alley space.


If you make your own merch, you’re supposed to be in the Artist Alley.  If somebody else made the merch, you’re supposed to be in the Dealers area!

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