Exhibit Hall (Dealers & Artist Alley for Attendees)


Figurines! Plushies! Manga! Anime tees! Pocky! Yeah, you know exactly why you’re here and what your wallet’s in for. In our house, Dealers and Artists are under one roof making it a simple one-stop shopping experience.

For our newer fans, Dealers and Artists both sell goods of different types. 

  • Dealers are vendors who  sell manufactured merchandise often produced by other companies.  This is where you would find licensed or imported merch such as anime figurines, manga, and goods  from your favorite shows or series, DVDs, etc.
  • Artists sell custom, self made goods or art. This is where you find unique handmade merch, original and anime inspired art of all kinds, or get that perfect piece of art or item that you’ve always wanted but can never find commissioned.

Both groups are easy to find when you head into the Exhibit Hall. The Dealers  section is made up of draped, constructed booths while Artist Alley is styled after a market where artist tables are set up side-by-side in large rings.


If you want a new Gunpla kit? You’re probably not going to find it in the Artist’s Alley. Head over to the Dealers section. If you want to find a new artist to commission something cool from? You’re probably not going to find it in Dealers. Head over to the Artist Alley. Happy hunting!

The Exhibit Hall is where the shopping is! This is where attendees can buy anime, plushies, toys, clothes, accessories, etc. There are two kinds of vendors found within the Exhibit Hall: Dealers and Artists.

A Dealer is a vendor that sells merchandise that is manufactured and produced by a company other than the vendor on-site. Artist Alley is for the sale of merchandise made by the vendor. If you want to be a vendor and you make your own merchandise, you belong in Artist Alley! If you sell products made by another company, you’re a Dealer!

  • A-KON Dealer’s Map - Coming in 2023!
  • A-KON Artist Alley Map - Coming in 2023!
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