Cosplay. Meet friends. Get killer photos. Bling out your feed and make everyone jealous.

If this sounds like the dream, meetups are the place for you.

Meetups are organized by themes (often popular anime shows or series) and attending them is simple. Just check out the meetup schedule and show up. It's a great way to meet other cosplayers, find friends to cosplay with, and to get some amazing pictures of cosplays from anime you love.

Meetup schedules, themes, and locations will be posted here when they are released!

Meetups are also entirely run by fans in our community. This means that you can organize one if you don't see one for your favorite show. If you want to organize a meetup, all you need to do is agree to the rules and sign up for one. Here are the deets...

  • Signups: TBD
  • Meetup Locations: TBD

And also the rules (don't worry there aren't many):

  • Clean up after your photoshoot or meetup.
  • If there is a group scheduled immediately after you, be cool and wrap up on time so they can start on time.
  • Do not try and hijack or take over a spot. The schedule is there for a reason and when you don't follow it bad stuff happens. We don't like bad stuff, you shouldn't either.
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