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Neko Squared is a multifaceted performance troupe that started as a Japanese-inspired Maid Café in 2009. Since then, they have been bringing innovative interactive entertainment to the Southern United States in the form of maid cafes, interactive theater, and escape rooms. Sit down to enjoy lighthearted conversation and sweets with maids and butlers at their “Neko Neko Maid and Host Club” or embrace the challenge of surviving “Lair of the Demoness,” the escape room where your choices change the ending. No matter which route you decide to take, an immersive and unique experience awaits. You won’t want to miss it.

Maid Café Tea Party ICC 3rd Floor Price: $40

Come to Neko Squared's 2023 tea party to enjoy your favorite aromatic teas coupled with delicious baked goods! There will be board games to play, Polaroids to take with your friends, and beautiful maids and hosts to serve your every tea party need. This year's theme is "Enchanted Garden". Cosplay, lolita, Sunday best, streetwear; at this tea party all attire is appropriate and welcome as long as it complies with A-kon's dress code!

Café Casualty: Emo Maid Café ICC 3rd Floor Price: $40

Are you the savior of the broken, beaten, and damned? Café Casualty is an emo-themed maid café that is moody, nostalgic, and magical. Our menu is filled with desserts that'll make your heart ache with delight. And with a playlist of emo and pop-punk hits from the early 2000s, you can sing along to all your favorite heart-wrenching lyrics. But the real stars of Neko Squared’s Café Casualty are our emo maids, who are here to serve you with a helping of heartache. We'll make you feel right at home with our dark and brooding vibes, because we understand that sometimes life is just one big emo ballad.

Cryptid Maid Café ICC 3rd Floor Price: $30

Come enjoy a once in a cafe time chance to see creatures thought to only be myths. Cryptids will captivate guests with performances, challenges, and unique charms. No guest will be victim to eldritch horror effects thanks to patented Neko Squared Maidification. We ask guests not to feed the Cryptids or sign any pacts during the event. This special cryptid themed maid cafe showing is adorable, spooky fun for all ages!

Lair of the Demoness: Escape Experience (18+) ICC 3rd Floor Price: $35

Escape from the clutches of a horrifying and seductive demoness in an exciting escape room experience inspired by the survival horror genre. Every thirteen years a sacrifice is offered to the seductive demoness Agniya to appease her bloodthirsty appetites. Drugged and bewildered, you awake to find yourself among the chosen in the dungeons of her lair. Will you and your friends escape her clawed grasp or will you fall to her wicked designs? Inspired by the survival horror genre, this sexy escape room/interactive experience hybrid is unlike any program you have experienced at a convention before! This is a limited 18+ showing.

Bon Gundam Charity Show ICC 3rd Floor Price: $30

Help us transform our lovely maids and hosts into these throwback cosplay classics as we raise money for Scottish Rite! Add your own flair to these silly mecha monstrosities and send them your energy as they compete in a tournament to become Box Mech Champion. We’ll bring the supplies; you just need to bring yourself and a giving heart.

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