Fashion Socials

Fashion Socials

A fashion social is just what it sounds like. It's a chance where j-fashion and Lolita enthusiasts gather to enjoy friends, fun, and sometimes food! For years one of our most popular socials has been the Lolita Tea Party, but these socials come in all shapes and sizes, some formal and others more casual. Come join our best looking fans and our fashion brands this year at one of our fashion socials.

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When darkness falls and the clock strikes midnight, a magical moment begins. Join the A-Kon fashion team and our esteemed fashion guests for a mystical brunch filled with food, prizes, and maybe something mysterious…

  • When: Saturday @ 11am

  • Where: The Texican Ballroom

  • Theme: Magic/Mystic/Arcane

  • Event Type: Formal J-Fashion Brunch & Tea Social

  • Dress Code: Lolita, Ouji, and EGA fashion is acceptable. Cosplay and character costumes are not allowed.

  • Cost: $75*

    *This event is a ticketed add-on and sold separately. Requires a Weekend or Saturday single day pass to be purchased. Quantities are limited.


What is a Fashion Social?

A fashion social is a special event where our fashion community, guests, models and fans gather to hang out, have fun and socialize. Fashion socials can be either formal, where a specific dress code is required and enforced, or casual, where enthusiasts are welcome to come as they would like. Usually formal socials are themed, involve food and drink, have an enforced dress code, and are sold as ticketed add-ons. Casual socials can be open events or have the same requirements as a formal one without the strict dress code.

What is the dress code for a formal social?

Formal socials are typically Lolita fashion events like a Tea Party or a Brunch. This means that attendees will need to wear a full coordinate, in their desired style of dress. Ouji/Boystyle can also be worn along with Elegant Gothic Aristocrat fashion. Character costumes and Cosplays are not allowed.

Why is there a dress code?

Often formal social events are hosted by one or more fashion brands and it is considered respectful in Lolita Fashion to wear items made by these brands hosting the event. This shows the designers you appreciate their hard work! While formal socials hosted at conventions are a little different, the sentiment is still the same: we want our designers to see that their fans have gathered together to show them some love!

What will be served at a formal social with food and drink?

Formal socials are often banquet-style events featuring cuisine ranging from light lunch fare and small desserts to a full buffet or serviced meal. If you’ve ever had high tea, this type of event has a similar experience. No matter the formal, we always aim to serve a variety of teas, we’ll also have cold water for those attendees that just aren’t a fan of tea. Sometimes, alcoholic beverages are also available for sale during the event, so if you’re interested (and 21 years old or older!) don’t forget to bring a valid ID!

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