When: Saturday, June 3rd @ 8pm Where: The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory (

We've been doing music for over 25 years, and we're taking it to the next level this year. Otaku BEAT! is the official A-Kon concert brand fully reimagined. With the expansion and rebrand of this program we're excited to announce that Otaku BEAT! is now available to both A-Kon attendees and also fans in the public who aren't attending the show.

This year A-KON and FAKE STAR are teaming up to bring anime, jpop and jrock fans one of the biggest anisong concerts of the year. Featuring BURNOUT SYNDROMES, NANO, MADKID, and STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION plus renowned industry VJ ALL HELL BREAKS LOOPS this is a show you won't want to miss! Join us for four hours of back-to-back music made for anime fans.

Since Otaku BEAT! is available to both A-Kon attendees and the public fan base, there are two ways to purchase access to Otaku BEAT!

For A-Kon Attendees with Weekend or Saturday 1-day badges:

You need to reserve your seat at the concert by registering for A-Kon 32 at, adding one of the Otaku BEAT! add-ons to your registration, and then checking out. General admission seating (100s, 200s, and 300s) are free and VIP seating is available at a discounted price for A-Kon attendees. We'll issue you a digital pass for Otaku BEAT! through TIXR prior to the event. Save a screenshot of your registration receipt as a backup.

Already registered for A-Kon 32? No problem. Just click on the registration link in your confirmation email, scroll down to Activities and click Add-Ons to select the add-on you want. Then simply complete the registration and you're all set.

For fans who aren't attending A-Kon this year, but want to join us for Otaku BEAT!:

You can purchase tickets HERE ( and we'll see you at the show! Both general admission (100s, 200s, and 300s) and VIP concert tickets are currently available for purchase.

VIP Meet & Greet Options:

Interested in getting a personalized autograph and some time to mingle with your favorite band? Look no further, we've got you covered with several Meet and Greet opportunity.

Meet & Greets available to the general public:

We have one meet and greet for each band open to the general public.

When: Saturday, June 3rd @ 5pm Where: The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory ( Price: $50 per band Purchase Options:

For A-Kon attendees:

We have several meet and greets for each band available to attendees throughout the weekend.

When: Friday, June 2nd @ TBD Where: Irving Convention Center, Exhibit Hall @ the FAKE STAR booth Price: $50 per band Purchase Options: You will be able to add these via an add-on to your registration or sign up onsite when the times are released. Check back here for updates.

When: Saturday, June 3rd @ 5pm Where: The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory ( Price: $50 per band Purchase Link:

When: Sunday, June 4th @ TBD Where: Irving Convention Center, Exhibit Hall @ the FAKE STAR booth Price: $50 per band Purchase Options: You will be able to add these via an add-on to your registration or sign up onsite when the times are released. Check back here for updates.

Here's the Otaku BEAT! 2023 lineup:



BURNOUT SYNDROMES is a Japanese Rock Band from Osaka, formed in 2005. They always challenge the limit of a 3 piece band with their poetic lyrics emphasizing the beauty of Japanese sound and original sound, which colorizes the worldview of songs.

In 2010, They won the second Grand Prix at “Senkou Rionette(???????),” the band audition for teens held by TOKYO FM. In March 2016, they released debut single “FLY HIGH!!”, and the title song “FLY HIGH!!” was used as the opening theme for the anime “Haikyu!! Second Season”. After the debut, their song “Hikariare(?????)” and “PHOENIX” was chosen as the opening theme for the anime “Haikyu!!” three times in a row for the first time.

Also, their 3rd single title song “Hanaichimonme(???)” was used as the ending theme for the anime “Gintama,” and their 4th single title song “Good Morning World!” was used as the opening theme for the anime “Dr.STONE.“ In 2020, they produced a virtual artist called “HXEROS SYNDROMES” only for the anime “Super HxEros,” and they wrote the opening theme featuring with Retto Enjyou (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) named “Wake Up H×ERO!”.


Born in New York, United States, NANO is an English-Japanese bilingual singer with powerful vocal talent who began her career in 2010 posting song cover videos to YouTube and other video sites, and has since nurtured a strong international fan base. Her first album release, "NANOir" came in March 2021, and the album cracked the top 10 of the Oricon Daily Rankings in Japan, a rarity for brand-new artists. Her third album, "Rock on." came in at 4th on the Oricon rankings in 2015, cementing NANO's place in the J-Pop scene.

In March 2013, NANO 's first live concert "Remember your color." was held at Shin-Kiba Studio Coast in Tokyo, which sold out 2500 tickets within the first day of ticket sales. Since then, NANO has conducted tours within Japan, as well as solo concerts overseas, including her first overseas concerts in Taiwan and Germany in 2015. In May 2018, NANO held her first concert performance in her native America and gave an outstanding performance for a packed crowd of 2800.

NANO's original YouTube content has generated over 100,000,000 views on YouTube, and her online live concert in 2020 was viewed both within Japan and in 23 nations and regions around the world. NANO's popularity continues to grow, with a voice that knows no borders.


MADKID, a five-member dance & vocal unit consisting of 2 rappers and 3 vocalists, made their major debut in 2018.

The TV anime "The Rising of the Shield Hero" OP theme "RISE"and "FAITH" released in 2019 was a worldwide hit. In 2022, MADKID performed the opening track "Paranoid" for the Netflix anime series "Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre". They were also announced to perform the opening theme for the new anime series "Lv1 Maou to One Room Yuusha".

Their overwhelming rap work and powerful vocals make for a one-of-a-kind performance.


STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is a sound-making project by R.O.N., who is active in many fields such as songwriting/composition/arrangement for anime soundtracks and producing music for other artists. The project was named after the idea of diving into the stereo sound source. R.O.N., a multi-talented musician who can play any kind of instrument, is a sound artisan with a powerful sense of melody and a track-making style that utilizes futuristic synth work.

STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has contributed music to a number of anime series, including "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime", "Moriarty the Patriot”, "Kyoukai no Kanata", “Nobunaga the Fool”, "Gangsta.", and “Muv-Luv Alternative".

They will also have access additional Meet & Greet purchase opportunities for alternative days. VIP tickets and Meet & Greets are paid upgrades for A-Kon attendees. A-Kon attendees with the add-on will receive their digital tickets via email prior to the event.

Otaku BEAT! Venue Map & Seating:



VIP seating is right in front of center stage. All VIP seat holders will have early admission plus plus seating and shared access to standing VIP pit areas suitable for dancing or getting close up to your favorite group that's performing.


100s - GA 100s seating is directly behind the VIP seats and is closest to the stage.

200s - GA 200s seating is in the middle arena near where the engineering booth is located. This section is eye level with the stage and is typically considered box level seating for most events at the Pavillion. This section is ideal for individuals with mobility issues and similar accessibility needs.

300s - GA 300s seating is in the back of the area and has an elevated view of the stage. These seats will give you the widest and most comprehensive view of the performance.

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