Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

By purchasing a registration for A-Kon, you confirm that you are registering for yourself or are authorized to register for someone else and are not doing so fraudulently. Furthermore, you attest that the information provided is accurate and honest.

Registrations for attendees are split between Adult and Child credentials. All registrations must belong to an individual.

Children under the age of 6 years do not require a credential to attend as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who has a valid Adult registration.

Attendees 6 to 12 years old must purchase a Child registration and be accompanied by at least one adult with responsibility over the child at all times on the premises. The supervising adult must also have a valid Adult registration as well.

Attendees 13 to 15 years old must purchase an Adult registration; and, have a supervising adult with an Adult registration or have a valid form of identification, preferably with a photo. Examples of such include, but are not limited to, library cards and school IDs. Though attendees of this age range are not required to have an accompanying adult present, they must provide contact information for a legal parent or guardian as part of their registration.

Attendees 16 years and older must purchase an Adult registration using a name that matches their legal, government-issued photo ID for the registration to be valid. 

Payment Policy

Electronic registration through the official A-Kon registration portal requires a valid credit card, debit card, or pre-loaded debit cards such as VISA or Mastercard preloads and other similar payment options. All other alternative payment methods will not be accepted, including but not limited to cash, checks, and cashiers checks. 

On-site registration at the event WILL accept credit cards, debit cards, pre-loaded cards and cash, but only if tickets are available. A-KON cannot guarantee tickets will be available at the door if the event is sold out.

A-Kon will not be accepting payment via mail or phone, and cannot guarantee receipt of payment or safe return delivery. A-Kon is not liable for any loss of funds if money is sent by one of the prohibited methods listed above, and attempts to collect money by mail or phone on behalf of A-Kon should be considered suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Delivery, Replacement & Lost Credentials

Valid registrations made six weeks or more prior to the event dates will have their badges (or credentials) sent to the mailing address listed on their registration. Registered attendees and group managers are responsible for ensuring their mailing address is current and up-to-date prior to badge mailing. A-Kon is not responsible for failed delivery of any mailed badges or materials if the mailing address on the registration is not current, valid or up-to-date. A-KON is not able to mail badges to address outside of the continental U.S. or to PO BOX addresses. Registered attendees who are unable to receive their badge by mail may pick up their badges at on-site pre-registration.

Badges (or credentials) not delivered or that do not arrive in time for the event through fault of the mail carrier or distribution company will be replaced at no cost to the attendee provided failed or late delivery can be confirmed via tracking information provided by the carrier. Replacement badges will only be issued to the named individual on the registration unless the attendee is part of a group, in which case, the lost materials may be issued to either the group manager or attendee. Undelivered badges purchased with customizations (where offered) will be replaced with a standard badge without customizations on it and a refund will be issued for any extra fees paid at the time of replacement, if applicable. Attendees are responsible for providing proof of failure to deliver in order for any customization fees to be waived. If a replacement must be issued due to failed or late delivery and the event is sold out, A-KON will still issue a replacement badge if solid evidence of failure to deliver is provided.

Badges (or credentials) lost by the attendee, whether purchased on-site or verified as received via mail delivery tracking, will not be replaced and the attendee must pay an amount equal to the current purchase price at the time of request in order to receive a replacement. Lost badges purchased with customizations (if applicable) cannot be replaced and no refund will be issued for this feature, even if a replacement is purchased. A-Kon cannot guarantee that lost badges will be replaced if the event is sold out on-site.

Badges (or credentials) that have been damaged beyond use may be replaced for a fee of $25 per badge replaced provided that all broken parts or materials are provided at the time of request. At least 80% of the broken materials must be present and contain the majority of the identifiable image and/or visible credential, QR Code, RFID or other components to be eligible for replacement. Broken badges (or credentials) that cannot be identified or that do not meet this criteria will be considered lost and subject to the replacement terms and conditions for lost badges or credentials.

Replacement badges (or credentials) may be requested at our on-site registration exceptions desk during open registration hours at the event.

Registration Transfer Policy

Registrations may be transferred to another individual via the official A-Kon registration portal at any time prior to the event start date the registration is valid for. Registered attendees and group managers transferring their registration are responsible for ensuring that the information for the new registrant is updated in the system at the time of transfer. In the event badges (or credentials) are mailed to the original registrant for any reason, the original registrant will be responsible for ensuring that any mailed items are given to the new registrant. Any replacement badges (or credentials) requested by either registrant will be subject to the Badge Delivery, Replacement & Lost Badges terms and conditions.

In rare circumstances, A-Kon may elect to allow a registered attendee to transfer their registration to a future event provided the attendee has valid, verifiable extenuating circumstances. A-Kon, or its representatives, reserve the sole right to determine if the circumstances qualify for this option and may request that the attendee provide some form of verifiable proof of the circumstance before making a decision. The attendee may choose to either comply with or refuse this request. Failing to comply with a request for proof will result in an automatic denial of the registration transfer to a future event. In the event that a transfer to future years is granted, A-KON does not warrant that the venue, location, guest list, content, experience or any other aspect of the event will be the same as it is for the original event.

Customer service assisted transfer requests must be emailed to and must be received no later than seven (7) days prior to the event. Transfer requests must be sent from the email account listed on the registration or they will be ignored.  All requests must include the following information in the body of the email: first name, last name, email address used when purchasing the registration, and phone number. Requests must specify if the transfer is to another person or for a future year, as well as the reason for the request and any additional details or proof you may deem necessary.

A-Kon does not currently charge or assess a fee for badge (or credential) transfers and retains the right to change this policy at any time without notice. Transfers are not eligible for refund regardless of the original purchase date or method.

Refund Policy

All purchases are eligible for a refund within thirty (30) days of your purchase date, or until seven (7) days prior to the event start date, whichever comes first. No refunds will be issued after the conclusion of the event, as the product will be considered consumed without proof of extenuating circumstances. In the event a refund request is within the thirty (30) day period, but the badge (or credentials) and other materials have already been mailed to the registrant, A-KON reserves the right to hold the refund until all mailed items are returned either in-person at the event, or at the cost of the registrant.

Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used at the time of purchase. If this payment method is no longer valid or is unable to accept the refund due to technological or banking limitations, A-Kon will send a check in the amount of the refund to the mailing address provided by the registrant in the official A-Kon registration portal. If the mailing address in the portal is no longer valid, the registrant must provide a valid, government issued photo ID that matches the legal name provided during registration and the address the registrant is asking for the refund to be mailed to; otherwise, the refund will not be granted.

In rare circumstances, A-Kon may elect to allow a refund outside of the eligible refund period provided the attendee has valid, verifiable extenuating circumstances. A-KON, or its representatives, reserve the sole right to determine if the circumstances qualify for this option and may request that the attendee provide some form of verifiable proof of the circumstance before making a decision. The attendee may choose to either comply with or refuse this request. Failing to comply with a request for proof will result in an automatic denial of the refund request.

All refund requests must be emailed to and must include the following information in the body of the email: first name, last name, email address used when purchasing the registration, and phone number. Service fees and charity donations collected during the registration process are always non-refundable.

Shipping & Mailing Policy

Adult weekend registrations purchased prior to six (6) weeks from the event start date will have their badge (or credential) automatically mailed to the mailing address provided during the registration process. Registrants may elect to decline badge (or credential) mailing by emailing us at to request on-site pickup. This request must be received and confirmed by A-Kon prior to the badge (or credential) being mailed out. A-Kon is not able to mail badges to address outside of the continental U.S. or to PO BOX addresses. Registered attendees who are unable to receive their badge by mail may pick up their badges at on-site pre-registration.

If a badge (or credential) is accidentally mailed despite a timely request in writing for it not to be mailed, A-Kon will take responsibility for issuing a replacement badge on-site at no extra cost to the registrant. Registrants are responsible for reading any published FAQ updates and monitoring their online attendee portal to ensure the badge is not mailed.

A-Kon is not responsible for arranging delivery beyond the initial delivery attempt by the mail carrier. If a registrant or group manager is not present for or refuses to sign for a badge (or credential) delivery, they assume responsibility for obtaining any mailed items directly from the mail carrier. If the delivery is lost, goes missing, or is never claimed, it is the registrants responsibility to contact us at or speak with us at on-site registration.

Badges (or credentials) for group registrations will be mailed together to the group manager specified in the official A-Kon registration portal. By assuming the role of group manager, the registrant assumes responsibility for the delivery and distribution of the mailed badges (or credentials) to the rest of the group members. The group manager also agrees that they are responsible for communicating and coordinating any badge transfers, changes, add-ons or payments that need to be made during or after the registration process for their group.

Attendees, fans, vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, organizations and/or companies are not permitted to mail or ship anything to A-KON without the express written permission of A-Kon or one of its authorized representatives. For safety and liability reasons, unauthorized or unexpected shipments will be refused upon delivery and any costs associated with this refusal will be the sole responsibility of the shipper.

A-Kon cannot be held liable for items lost in the mail, refused delivery, broken, damaged, or stolen, particularly if prior knowledge of the delivery was not arranged in writing between the recipient and the sender.

Authorization for Use of Image, Video, Words, and Information

By attending A-Kon, you permit and authorize A-KON LLC, and its employees, agents, and personnel who are acting on behalf of A-KON, LLC, use of the following items taken during the conference for purposes of publicity, marketing and promotion without compensation.

  • Photographs and videos that may be taken of you during A-Kon
  • Recorded voice that may be captured during the A-Kon
  • Excerpts from written or verbally expressed words and testimonials
  • Name and/or company affiliation

You understand the above may be subject to reasonable modification or editing and may be reproduced and distributed by means of various media, including but not limited to publications, video or digital presentations, news releases, brochures, or websites. You waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, or any material in which A-KON, LLC may eventually use any item indicated above. You release A-KON, LLC from any and all liability related to dissemination of any item indicated above.


By entering the event areas, both public and private, you voluntarily agree to your image and likeness being used and published, without compensation, by others in attendance of, or working the event, and you release A-Kon, its parent company, and its representatives, employees, and volunteers from any liability regarding any such publication of your image and likeness. A-Kon will be unable to honor requests to remove, or enforce removal of, published or personal photographs, videos, and recordings of any individual within the event areas on any medium, platform or website including those owned and controlled by A-Kon. If you do not wish to allow photos, videos, or recordings taken of you, possibly without your knowledge, or for any use whatsoever, please do not enter the event areas or any public areas nearby.

This spirit of this release is intended to protect A-Kon, its parent company, and its representatives, employees, and volunteers, and those in attendance of the event from any liability of posting photos taken at A-Kon on social media or any other standard method of use. If anyone in attendance of the event abuses this photo release in a way that violates any A-Kon policies, rules, and harassment guidelines or violates the spirit of those thereto, you and any fellow attendees have the right to complain. A-Kon reserves the right to terminate the registrations associated with any offending individual or group and may, at its sole discretion, have them removed from the premises, private or public, forcibly. Such action may result in A-Kon issuing legal warrants, such as a criminal trespass warrant, to protect any attendees or fans in public or private areas from further violations.

Third Party Photographers

Due to increased risk of safety and reports of abuse, harassment, and misconduct, photographers may not be permitted to sell or solicit photography services within the operating areas of the event without the express written permission of A-KON, LLC. All photographers wishing to sell and/or gift services at A-Kon must apply for written credentialed approval by the event through our website at once the form and instructions are posted for the event year. Any and all applicants are subject to, and must consent, to a full background check. A-Kon reserves the right to reject and/or bar any photographer from operating at its events for any reason, including, but not limited to, findings of the background check, cases or reports of sexual misconduct, harassment, assault, reports of predatory behavior, or gun violence.

Any photographers found violating this policy, professional or non-professional, including unauthorized press, may be removed from the event forcibly, possibly with legal action taken, and barred from attending future events. This policy applies specifically to individuals who are independently operating, have operated, or are representing themselves as a photographer at A-Kon or other similar events for the purpose of making money, building a professional or personal portfolio with the intent to sell, to gather data on potential clients, or any other purpose deemed unsuitable by A-Kon. This policy also extends to unauthorized promotion via A-Kon’s official live or online event and community channels.

The Third Party Photographers policy is not intended to restrict attendees from taking photographs for non-commercial gains, including, but not limited to, personal use and sharing via social media.

General Risk and Disclaimers

A-Kon makes a “best effort” attempt to ensure our events are as safe as possible; however, A-Kon is not liable for accidents, injuries, weather, alcohol or drug consumption, unattended minors, unsanctioned parties or events, gatherings in private hotel rooms, or other activities that anyone attending the event chooses to do on their own time.

While A-Kon has conduct policies, enforcement, and investigative procedures in place, it is also not liable for actions taken by volunteers, attendees, talent, guests, hotel or venue staff, private third party groups, private security, police, emergency service personnel, panelists, artists, dealers, exhibitors, or any other non-employee of A-KON, LLC also present at the event. If an incident occurs, an official report should be made with active law enforcement, A-Kon security, the A-Kon Executive team, or reported via email to so that A-Kon can be made aware of the issue and enact the policies and procedures it has in place for inappropriate conduct from offending individuals or groups.

Incidents of misconduct will only be discussed directly with those involved in the incident, their legal guardians, and relevant authority figures regardless of who initiated the report. For the privacy of everyone involved, especially in cases related to minors, A-Kon may not be willing or legally able to provide updates or discuss sensitive matters related to any incident except to law enforcement or parties directly involved in said incident.

A-Kon may, at its sole discretion, investigate suspect rumors, emails provided by concerned parties, and social media messages in order to learn about an issue. While we take all security and safety matters very seriously, A-KON, LLC reserves the right to take or refuse any action, public or private, against individuals or groups regardless of the perceived strength of evidence provided to support the claims asserted.

Notification Changes and Accuracy Warning

A-Kon reserves the right to modify, update or expand its terms and conditions, policies or procedures, both public and private, at any time and without advanced notice or written notification to anyone, including, but not limited to volunteers, seasonal team members, vendors, panelists, artists, attendees, or the general public.

This website and its components are offered for information purposes only. This site shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness, or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information.

Intellectual Property

The A-Kon website and social media contains original content, characters, logos, features, and related indicia that are owned by A-Kon, LLC and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other Intellectual Property rights.

Use of any official A-Kon content, including but not limited to: logos, characters, features, and functionality will only be permitted for third party use with explicit written permission from A-Kon, LLC.

For more information on how to obtain permission to use licensed and protected A-Kon Intellectual Property, please refer to our website at or contact us at


A-Kon, LLC, and its authorized representatives, reserve the right, under Texas state law, to terminate active registrations and/or refuse access to and bar any one, for any reason, from the event and any event space including, but not limited to: conduct, harassment, threatening behavior, misrepresentation, impersonation of staff or authorized employees, or any other behavior or circumstance deemed inappropriate. A-Kon, LLC also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take legal action for any applicable behavior or circumstance.

Attendees may voluntarily elect to terminate adherence to these terms and conditions by cancelling or transferring their active registration and refusing to enter any event or event-adjacent areas, public or private, during event setup, operation or tear-down days.

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