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Calling all artists!

Your tables are almost ready. The Artist Alley is once again returning to A-KON which means it’s time for you to dust off the merch you’ve set aside or start working on those new pieces you’ve been putting off and get ready for the crowds!

To join our Artist Alley the first thing you’ve got to do is a little paperwork.  Check below for info and make sure you keep the deadlines in mind!

  • Sign up for the 2023 Artist Alley HERE.
  • Artist Alley applications will be open from January 20th - January 26th, 2023.
  • Stay up to date by subscribing to our Artist Alley newsletter HERE.

Of course, that’s not all. You’re gonna wanna know about costs, badges, etc. Here’s everything you need to know!

  • An Artist Alley table will cost you $275.

  • Two (2) Artist Alley badges are included in the cost of each table.

  • Additional discounted badges will be available for purchase for those artists who require additional staff through our Artist Alley registrar.

  • All AA tables are 6′ long and will be arranged in an island format similar to prior years.

  • Corner tables may be requested in your application and will be assigned randomly to artists that have an applicable setup until we run out. There will be NO additional cost for corner tables this year.

  • All applicants are required to provide an active, valid Texas Sales Tax ID before they can sell their goods. Applicants who already have a Texas Sales Tax ID may provide one as part of their application process. Applicants who do not currently have a Texas Sales Tax ID may indicate so on their application, but will be required to provide their Sales Tax ID on or before on-site check-in prior to setting up their table. Applicants applying for a new Sales Tax ID should use the first date you expect to sell in Texas  or the first day of the event. 

    • Applicants with a valid U.S. social security number who need a Texas Sales Tax ID may get one online from the Texas Comptroller by clicking here. The typical turnaround time for the comptroller’s office is approximately 2 – 3 weeks to issue a Sales Tax ID when applying online.
    • Applicants without a valid U.S. social security number (typically International applicants) who need a Texas Sales Tax ID must apply via a form. You can download the form from the Texas State Comptroller here. Once the application is filled out, you may email the application to the comptroller at or fax the application to 512-936-0010. The typical turnaround time for the comptroller’s office is approximately 4 – 6 weeks to issue a Sales Tax ID when applying via the form. For additional information, please refer to the Texas State Comptroller website here or contact them directly.
  • All applications must be completed with accurate and valid information to be considered. Please make sure you enter your name, website, email address and other critical information correctly to prevent your application from being disqualified for jury status.

  • All valid applications will be juried upon application close and the accepted artists will be announced prior to the event,

  • All accepted artists will receive invoices and will be expected to pay by the deadline to reserve their spot.

  • The final Artist Alley map will be published at least one week prior to the event start date.

A-KON Artist Alley Proxy Rules

We know that, for various reasons, some of you won’t be able to show up yourselves, but will want to have someone run your table and sell your goods. We also know that, sometimes, folks try to take advantage of that – at your expense. To make sure you and your work are properly represented, we have a few rules to abide by.

First: what constitutes a proxy or table assistant:

  • A proxy is defined as someone who represents and sells the work of an artist when that artist does not attend A-KON. The proxy might be the artist’s friend, employee, or other representative. 
  • A table assistant is defined as someone who represents and sells the work of an artist who attends A-KON and is registered as an Artist Alley artist.

Second, we’ll need some paperwork. Again.

You’ll need to email us at with a verification of who’s representing you at the table. You’ll also need to make sure your proxy understands the following rules:

  • They will ONLY be selling your art at your table.
  • They cannot sell their own works or the work of any other artist.
  • They will not be representing more than one artist.

You can have more than one proxy, and proxies representing the same artist can share a table. Proxies representing different artists, however, cannot – nor can they share a table with other artists. 

If you have questions or need additional help with your Artist Alley application or table, please contact us at

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