A-Kon Accessible is here for you!

Accessibility is really important to the A-Kon family. Our community is what makes us who we are, and it just isn’t the same if everyone isn’t able to enjoy the event. To help you when you need it, we offer a spectrum of accommodations for your accessibility needs.

Our doors are open to anyone who has questions, concerns, or feedback about the A-Kon Accessible Program. You can always reach out to us at and we will do our best to help!

Our Accessibility, Medical, Program Support, and Kon Patrol teams work together to create an accessibility friendly environment within our venues. If you need assistance at the event, you can approach any volunteers from these teams.

We also have several fixed locations on-site where assistance can be requested, including:

  • Registration Exceptions Desk - right inside the main event entrance of the Irving Convention Center, accessible from the leftmost door.
  • A-Kon Accessible Desk - in the center of the first floor of the Irving Convention Center, located near the Medical HQ and Dealer’s Room
  • A-Kon Medical HQ - In a private room right outside of the main Registration area in the ICC.

When in doubt, if you see the symbol below being displayed, it’s a safe place to request assistance.


Programming Accommodations
  • The Event Schedule is provided as an electronic version for a screen reading device on the Fan Guru App. A downloadable PDF version of the schedule will become available online for text-to-voice closer to the event. 
  • The important thing to remember is that while we will do our best to make sure that events are accessible to the people who are requiring accommodation, that doesn’t mean we can guarantee a front row seat or accommodations that create an undue hardship for the event itself. 
  • When possible, A-Kon will reserve a section of seating for those individuals with disabilities. We follow the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which specifies the number and arrangement required for accessible seating.  If reserved seating is not possible, those who are granted this accommodation may be seated 15 minutes prior to Programming Events. However, seating reserved for disabilities will be released to the general population at the start of the event.


Getting Around the Venue

Navigating a venue can be its own chore, so here are the accommodations we have available to make it easier on you!

  • Venue Resources - Irving Convention Center’s ADA Accessibility Resources are an excellent place to start when planning your trip, and we highly recommend that anyone with accessibility concerns review those resources, which include parking, public transit, wheelchair access, and hearing impaired services at
  • Mobility Aid Rentals -  If you are interested in renting a mobility aid, such as a scooter or wheelchair, for the duration of the show, we recommend that you contact Hieline Mobility Shop in advance of the event to explore the rental options they have available. You can contact them at 214-227-2222 or visit them online at  
  • Elevator Access - Elevator access in the Irving Convention Center will be restricted only to authorized staff and attendees with specific accessibility requirements. If you have accessibility needs that require elevator access, please visit the A-Kon Accessible Desk or Medical HQ! They will make certain you get the access and accommodations you need. 
  • Parking - The Irving Convention Center, Toyota Music Factory, and Westin Hotel all offer accessible parking spaces in their paid parking areas around the event. There are also free parking options throughout the area available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information about parking, check out the Venue Resources link above.


ASL Interpreters
  • A limited number of volunteer Sign Language Interpreters are available. An advance notice is required. 
  • The Event is primarily staffed by volunteers. If assistance is requested, then an intern under supervision by a mentor or an interpreter for the Event will make their best effort to help provide the service that you may require. Please be aware that A-Kon cannot make a guarantee that one will be available at all times. 
  • To request assistance email us at
Service Animals
  • Trained service animals are permitted in the Irving Convention Center with proper supervision.
  • Service animals are defined as animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. 
  • Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and cannot be safely accommodated at an event the size of A-Kon. 
  • We reserve the right to ask the owner of the service animal to remove the animal if it is causing a disturbance. We will make best efforts to provide a reasonable replacement accommodation for the animal’s tasks.


Caregivers and Personal Assistants
  • Anyone who has been provided additional access or assistance for accessibility can extend their accommodations to a companion who attends with them as an assistant. An assistant must register for special accommodations at the same time as their companion, and will only be granted the accommodation while accompanying them.


Food & Beverage
  • Food and beverage options are managed by our venues. A lot of discussions go into making sure there are a variety of options available to accommodate a broad variety of dietary restrictions, and we do our best to stress the importance of careful preparation and handling. However, due to the nature and spectrum of different dietary restrictions, we highly recommend that when purchasing any consumables that you verify its safety with the food vendor directly with regard to your individual needs.


Additional Accommodations
  • Attendees that may require additional accommodations can request a special access sticker from, or fill out an “In Case of Emergency” information card at Medical HQ or the A-Kon Accessible Desk.
  • Medications - If you have medications with you that require special storage accommodations, such as refrigeration, A-Kon Medical HQ may be able to provide assistance to you. Due to certain restrictions, medication storage can only be granted on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to apply to use this accommodation at the event, please arrive prepared to fill out additional documentation when registering the medication. Please be aware that all medications must be picked up no later than 4:00 pm on Sunday or they will have to be disposed of.
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