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Are you a member of a press outlet that wants to cover A-Kon? You’re in the right place. We have a limited number of press passes available to a variety of established individuals and outlets, including news reporters, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, influencers, and content creators.

Please read all of the information on this page before submitting your application. By submitting an application, you agree to comply with the terms outlined below. Remember that press credentials are LIMITED, and approval is at the discretion of our press team!

Press Applications

Thank you for your interest in covering A-Kon as official press. To obtain press credentials, you must submit an application for review. Please read all policies and restrictions (available here) prior to applying for a press pass. If you have any questions, please contact us at All press credentials must be approved prior to the convention by the our Press Department, and no approval will be granted on-site. Completion of this application is not confirmation or a guarantee of a press pass.

  • Press Application: Open in 2023!

What comes with a press pass?

Press credentials function as a standard adult weekend pass, plus allow the following:

  • Special access to the following locations for the purpose of filming or capturing press coverage:  Exhibit halls, main programming spaces, panel rooms, art rooms and gaming areas.
  • Access to the press room for press support.
  • Access to the interview room. (Only when scheduled for interviews or during open press interviews).
  • Any other additional areas determined by the Press team.  If any areas are added for the event, all accepted press outlets will be notified on or before check-in at the event.

Press credentials do not come with lodging, food or any other financial support. Press representatives must secure their own lodging, food, and finances. Only the badge for entry into the event and press access, where applicable, is provided!

Who is qualified to apply for a press pass?

If you are any of the below, feel free to submit an application for press credentials:

  • A local news, arts, entertainment or general reporter
  • Blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, freelancer or other content creator in the anime space
  • Influencer in the anime industry
  • Another type of editorial professional not explicitly listed

The following individuals are NOT qualified to apply or receive press credentials:

  • A sales representative
  • A non-editorial creative personnel or professional
  • A student creating a school documentary or project
  • A friend or family member of a press representative

Approval for all press credentials is at the discretion of the A-Kon Press Team.

What are the rules and restrictions for a press pass?

All press credentials MUST be approved prior to the event by the A-KON Press Team, and no approval will be granted on-site. Completion of this application is not confirmation or a guarantee of a press pass.

  • Press passes are non-transferable.
  • Press passes do not convey any privileges above the ones listed above or grant the individual or outlet the same privileges as staff, facilities, volunteer, dealers, artist alley, industry, guest, or any other credential issued for the event.
  • Press passes must be obtained at A-KON Press Registration on-site, and none will be given to any individual not approved prior to the event.
  • Those granted press credentials will need to present a photo ID and/or represented media outlet credentials (if applicable) at A-KON Press Registration.
  • Journalists must represent a site, platform, or outlet that generates content with an editorial and storytelling focus, such as human interest or news stories. 
  • All press applicants are required to submit information about previous or similar coverage, planned coverage, outlet information, and audience reach.  Applicants are not guaranteed credentials solely based on previous attendance or coverage of A-KON. 
  • You must be able to provide relevant previous coverage from similar events, or a relevant influencer platform and coverage plan. 
  • Press outlets or reporter/content creators must submit any coverage of previous A-KON events if applicable.

Guest Interview Policy

  • All guest interviews are subject to approval by the A-KON Press team and the guest and/or guest’s management. A-KON is unable to schedule any direct interviews with guests prior to the event.
  • Press is NOT permitted to directly contact a guest before or during A-KON as a representative of A-KON Press.  
  • Interviews with guests must be requested and arranged through the press team. Only credentialed members of the press may request interviews with A-KON guests, and interviews will be arranged as availability permits.

Staff & Volunteer Interview Policy

  • All interviews with staff, volunteers or personnel are subject to direct approval from the A-KON PR & Communications team.
  • Any unauthorized interviews do not reflect the views of A-KON, its affiliates, or sponsors.


Failure to comply with any of the above policies  will result in your prompt removal from the event and you, or your outlet, will not be permitted to apply again or conduct any press related activities at future events.

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