Cosplay Contests (for Attendees)

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As you’ve seen every year, through the convention halls and across the streets of Dallas, cosplay is a gigantic part of the A-KON experience. In fact, it’s an inseparable part of the geek and anime culture and community as a whole! And with every passing year, it seems like the costumes only get better, the characters more lifelike, and the craftsmanship gets all the more cunning.

Naturally, this means we’re going to celebrate it with two different contests.



This is where our main stage becomes a runway for the night and the floor for gut-busting comedy.  Expect skits, expect stunts, and expect to see your favorite characters in a whole new light. This competition is open to all skill levels and accounts for performance, showmanship, and stage presence. This contest has pre-qualification rules, a limited number of open spots and includes segments for both walk-ons and skits. If you’re looking to compete on the big stage or strut your stuff for everyone to see, this is the competition for you.



This is our contest dedicated to the craft itself as the anime community’s most talented makers and tinkerers elevate the possibilities of cosplay to a brand new level. This competition is open to all skill levels, requires less of a time commitment than the cosplay contest, and has no stage requirements. This contest does not have any pre-qualification rules to participate and is open to as many competitors as can be judged in the time allotted. Because this contest is not a stage contest, there are no walk-on requirements or skits allowed. If you’re looking to see how you measure up but want a stage-free, casual experience, this is your contest!

Don’t forget to mark the time and place for the festivities as well!

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