What are our hours of operation?

Below are the operating hours for 2022 which can be used as a guideline for 2023. Please check the schedule when it is released for the official hours of operation and details about any late night events.

Public Hours of Operation:

  • Friday - 10AM - 2AM
  • Saturday - 10AM - 2AM
  • Sunday - 10AM - 6PM

Registration Hours of Operation:

  • Thursday - 1PM - 9PM
  • Friday - 9AM - 9PM
  • Saturday - 9AM - 9PM
  • Sunday - 9AM - 2PM

Exhibit Hall Hours of Operation:

  • Friday - 10AM - 7PM
  • Saturday - 10AM - 7PM
  • Sunday - 10AM - 6PM

*Select events, dances, parties, and activities may run later than the official hours.

When will the official schedule for A-Kon be posted?

The official schedule is posted about a month before the event once it is finalized and approved by our team, talent, and other groups who have contractual requirements to approve their programed times.

Once the majority of the schedule is set, we typically will release an online version and one that is downloadable and printable on our website. The schedule will also be made available via our mobile app as well.

Does A-Kon mail badges?

Yes we do! All weekend badges purchased prior to April 24th, 2023 will be mailed to the address you provided when you registered. This means that if you pre-registered prior to the cutoff and gave us a valid U.S. address, you won't need to spend a single minute waiting in a registration line or checking in to access the event.

Please make sure the mailing and email address we have for you is correct by accessing your registration portal and updating it if you have recently moved. You are responsible for providing a correct information during registration so that your badges and credentials arrive where they are supposed to and you receive time sensitive emails and updates when we send them out.

Changing your mailing address after the cutoff won't work. We can see when you update that information so don't try and pull one over on our customer service team. However, if you do realize you need to update your information a tad late, try emailing us at and we'll see what we can do to help.

We are not able to mail badges to address outside of the continental U.S. or to PO BOX addresses. Registered attendees who are unable to receive their badge by mail may pick up their badges at on-site pre-registration.

I lost my registration confirmation. How do I get another one?

Happens all the time. It's not you...we promise. You can have your registration confirmation resent by clicking HERE and doing some quick stuff.

You can only have confirmations resent to the email address you used when you registered. If you have changed your email or lost access to it, you'll need to contact customer service.

When will I be able to book my hotel room?

We are currently finalizing the rates for 2023 and expect to release the hotel booking links very soon.

Once released, you may use the button at the top of the page and also on the menu under Info then Book Your Hotel. But, since we like you, you can also avoid scrolling up or using the nav bar and just click HERE.

Hotels will fill up and as they do we will attempt to update the website as quickly as possible. In the event you get there before we do and are unable to book a room at your hotel of choice, it likely means it is sold out and you should grab one quick at your second choice before it's gone too.

What are our COVID policies going to be for 2023?

We have not set any COVID specific restrictions or policies for 2023 and do not plan to do so unless the current state of the pandemic changes. If special restrictions are required they will be in line with any guidelines posted by the CDC and/or WHO.

Fans who want to continue to wear N95 masks and maintain additional personal precautions are welcome to do so even if we do not set any requirements for them.

Why can't I find XYZ on the website?

We evaluate our programming every year and make adjustments as needed to accommodate space needs, talent, fan requests, and many other reasons. Sometimes we take things down because we are making changes to it and other times it's because we are making way for new programing or simply aging out something that is no longer as popular as it used to be. If you have questions about something you don't see or just want to let us know what you want to see, please email us!

How do I change or update the information on my registration?

Your registration confirmation email contains a unique link to your registration portal where you can update the contact information for your registration. The link will allow you to update your address, phone number and email address. You can also add activities to your registration from this same link.

If you lost your registration confirmation email or need a new one, you can request another one from our website. See the "I lost my registration confirmation. How do I get another one?" question in our FAQ for instructions on how to have your confirmation resent to you.

How do I request a refund or transfer my registration to next year?

You can request a refund or a transfer from our customer service team. Email us at and we'll help you out.

Please make sure you send the email from the account that was used at the time you registered. Otherwise, we'll have to ask you for a bunch of information before we can help you out just to make sure the request is legit.

Check the Terms & Conditions for more information and our policy on refunds and transfers.

How do I book a hotel room and how does it work?

You can book a hotel from the "Book Hotel" button at the top of the page or from the menu under Info then Book Your Hotel. But, since we like you, you can also avoid scrolling up or using the nav bar and just click HERE.

Hotels will fill up and as they do we will attempt to update the website as quickly as possible. In the event you get there before we do and are unable to book a room at your hotel of choice, it likely means it is sold out and you should grab one quick at your second choice before it's gone too.

After reviewing prior feedback from you guys, we no longer use a booking portal for hotels. Instead we've worked with a new partner and the hotels themselves to allow you to directly book and manage your hotel rooms instead of having to go through a centralized portal. Enjoy!

What is group registration and how do I do it?

Group registration is when you register multiple badges (usually for you and your friends) and pay for them all at once. Fans do this all the time because they usually want to have the group badges (or credentials) mailed to a single individual who will hand them out onsite, they want to consolidate the payment onto one card (usually when they are part of an organization), they are a mix of adults and minors, or they want to make sure everyone in their group has the same activities and options purchased.

To register a group, you will first go through registration for yourself, and before you check out, select 'Register Another' and you'll be able to enter the registration info for the next person in your group. If you want to receive their badge (or credentials) and confirmation, you will need to enter your mailing and email address. If you want them to receive their own badge (or credentials) and confirmation, you should enter their mailing and email address. Then select the proper registration type. Once done, you can click on 'Register Another' to add a third person, and so on; or, click on 'Save and Pay' to purchase registrations for the group.

Please note that you will become fully responsible for any registration in your group that has your mailing or email address and will be the only person who can make changes or submit issues. You will also need to make sure you forward confirmations to your group members if you want them to have them or if you need them to update their information, activities, or other items.

I want to bring my kids, how does this work?

It's pretty simple. Here's the TL;DR -

Registrations for attendees are split between Adult and Child credentials (sometimes called badges or passes).

Children under the age of 6 years do not require a credential to attend as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who has a valid Adult registration.

Attendees 6 to 12 years old must purchase a Child registration and be accompanied by at least one adult with responsibility over the child at all times on the premises. The supervising adult must also have a valid Adult registration as well.

Attendees 13 to 15 years old must purchase an Adult registration; and, have a supervising adult with an Adult registration or have a valid form of identification, preferably with a photo. Examples of such include, but are not limited to, library cards and school IDs. Though attendees of this age range are not required to have an accompanying adult present, they must provide contact information for a legal parent or guardian as part of their registration.

Attendees 16 years and older must purchase an Adult registration using a name that matches their legal, government-issued photo ID for the registration to be valid.

For parents or guardians who are there for their kids (ages 7 - 16), but aren't there to attend the event, we have a special credential we call Parent In Tow. It functions similar to an Adult credential and is offered at a discount onsite and as part of group registration, but it requires you to accompany the corresponding child for it to grant access to any programming. Only one Parent in Tow is allowed per group registration. To get one you'll need to create a group registration by registering the child first or go to registration exceptions with your child and we'll take care of you.

How do I purchase tickets to extra activities?

If activities are available when you register, you'll be prompted to add them as part of the standard registration process.

If you purchased your registration prior to activities being released, you can purchase activities anytime after they are released via the personal registration portal link provided in your registration confirmation.

Activities are typically added once the details are finalized and are usually made available for purchase a few months prior to A-KON.

I want to sell my wares in your Exhibit Hall. What is the difference between Artist Alley and the Dealers? How do I apply?

Artists produce original art, handcrafted, or self-made items for sale. Participants in our Artist Alley, share a market style space comprised of a 6' table arranged in a circular format as a sales front. This table costs much less than a dealer's or exhibit booth, but provides a smaller sales and storage area. All applicants to our Artist Alley must go through an application and peer-jury process to be accepted.

Dealers (sometimes referred to as exhibitors) market, sell or resale manufactured goods as a business entity. Our dealers area is comprised of industry standard 10x10 booths featuring one or more sales fronts. While artists are restricted to a single space, dealers and exhibitors may acquire and/or combine multiple booths to create unique spaces fit to their business needs. As such, dealers pay a higher price for their space, but also receive a larger sales and storage area and are allowed more customization options and flexibility with their space. Dealers also go through an verification process, but, unlike Artists, they do not have to participate in a jury process.

Dealers may not purchase space in the Artist Alley; however, artists may apply for dealer space if they believe they have grown large enough, have sufficient inventory, and can demonstrate they are ready to make the transition.

If you are interested in more information about our Artist Alley, please check out our Artist Alley page or contact our team at

If you are interested in more information about our Dealer's Area, please contact our team at

What parts of A-Kon can I attend for free if I don’t want to pay for a badge?

Sorry fam, but to ensure our event’s safety, anyone who wishes to attend must register.

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