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Never been to A-KON before or just want to know what your kids are up to when they're here? We’ve got your back. Here’s a quick list of major items that we do most years. There’s more to do than what’s listed here so be sure to cross reference the official schedule when it’s released and check out our socials. In the meantime, we’ll try and keep this list up-to-date as we add new things!


A☆IDOL is A-Kon’s newest programming event and we are so excited for it to be returning to the main stage again this year! It’s time to start practicing your fan chants and make some noise to show your support. Experience all your favorite idol groups with a variety of singing, dancing, and showmanship from genres including J-Pop and K-Pop - complete with dazzling costumes and yes, even cosplay that’s sure to amaze


Do you love Idols? Come meet all the idols and performers from the A☆IDOL Festival! This is the only time you are guaranteed to meet your favorite idols, buy their merch, and get a photo or autograph for your collection!


It’s getting dark and you’re still jacked up on Mountain Dew and Pocky - no problem.  We have several after hours things going on-premise. Join us for activities and parties ranging from clubbing and dancing to your favorite ani-song tracks to social fun and games.  Pick your favorite party or party hop until you drop.  A-KON NIGHTS parties, activities, and dances happen at different times and provide programing on various nights as long as the venue will allow.

Any event with A-KON NIGHTS branding is approved and sanctioned by us meaning it’s been vetted, it’s legit and all the boxes have been checked to ensure the event is safe.  


Looking for that perfect piece of anime fanart or to commission an artist to draw your favorite D&D character? Whether it’s art or unique handmade goods our Artist Alley is where you want to be. You’re going to get your steps in the exhibit hall anyway so you might as well give your wallet some exercise too! Shop wares from hundreds of talented independent artists gathered from across the globe in one large market. It’s a wall-to-wall explosion of color, sound, and art you won’t want to miss.


If the talent lineup is your thing, then you’re already plotting your schedule out so that you can meet your favorite voice actors, industry leaders, bands, cosplayers and more! When they aren't in scheduled panels or on break, you can find them in Talent Alley. Head on down to our Exhibit Hall and get that coveted autograph you've been waiting for.

*Talent sets their own autograph pricing and signing schedule.


Grab your cat ears, formal wear, and combat boots folks. From club-style ragers to themed masquerades, every year we have something fun and unique for everyone. Themes for this coming year will be released soon along with specific information for all dances and formals next year! 


If you’ve been looking for that certain collectible or are always on the lookout for cool import goods, you’ll want to check out our Dealers area. Spend the weekend browsing through hundreds of dealers who specialize in anime, comics, manga, cosplay, gaming, and other import goods.  


Drop by and show off your leet gaming skills or just chill and play games with your friends in our electronic gaming lounge.  Featuring popular titles on Playstation, XBOX, and PC there’s plenty here to keep you entertained. Have a switch or DS you like to play? Bring it. There’s free WiFi in the lounge area for you to use along with meet up areas for trading and battling in your favorite games.

OTAKU BEAT! (Concerts)

No need to keep listening to those old YouTube rips of your favorite J groups and anisong bands. Join us Saturday night and get your music fix live at the Toyota Music Pavilion where we’re importing some of our favorite bands for an all out music-palooza. Come shout your favorite anime opening lyrics with us until you lose your voice and then head back to your hotel with enough hearing loss to sleep through your roommate’s all night yaoi watch party. It’ll be awesome.

Merch and autographs will be available from each band immediately following their performance! Stay tuned to find out who’s coming this year!


With hundreds of hours of panels, performances, interactive workshops, games, videos, classes, Q&As, and more you’ll never run out of stuff to do. Whether you’re looking to learn something new, improve your craft, or just kick back and enjoy some anime with people you’ve never met before, there’s programming for everyone.  


Looking to make new friends, connect with old ones, or just be part of an inclusive group that shares similar interests? We have tons of space set aside for unofficial meetups where you can do just that! Take photos, socialize or group up with other cosplayers. Getting social is what we’re all about!


Unplug and play like an OG! Join us for paint and takes, tabletop role-playing games, and collectible card games. Whether you’re a first-time gamer who wants to try your hand at an entry-level adventure or an experienced DM looking to lead your own adventurers on a high-level rampage, we have tables for you! Do you prefer Magic: The Gathering? We’ve got that, too. Tournaments and League Play? Yep! Drop by and check us out. 


What do you get when you throw voice actors into a room with only their improvisation skills and a script they’ve never seen before? Welcome to the Cold Read! Wrap up your weekend by checking out one of our most popular events! The Cold Read is a fan-favorite event, where the only thing you can expect is to have a blast!


Join us on the main stage and show off that cosplay or skit you’ve been working on all year.   This competition is open to all skill levels and accounts for performance, showmanship, and stage presence. This contest has pre-qualification rules, a limited number of open spots and includes segments for both walk-ons and skits. If you’re looking to compete on the big stage or strut your stuff for everyone to see, this is the competition for you.


This is our craftsmanship-only contest and is for cosplayers and costumers who want to compete solely on their craftsmanship. This competition is open to all skill levels, requires less of a time commitment than the cosplay contest, and has no stage requirements. This contest does not have any pre-qualification rules to participate and is open to as many competitors as can be judged in the time allotted. Because this contest is not a stage contest, there are no walk-on requirements or skits allowed. If you’re looking to see how you measure up but want a stage-free, casual experience, this is your contest!


The Zen Room & Manga Library offer a peaceful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the con. Step inside to escape the crowds and find a moment of zen. Or browse the A-Kon Manga Library and discover your next favorite read. This quiet zone is the perfect place to recharge and unwind.

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