Art Show Rules and Guidelines


  1. Original artwork and limited edition prints are the preferred formats.
  2. All artwork must be either properly matted and/or framed; or on board or stretched canvas. Sculpture and any other forms of artwork are also acceptable and encouraged.
  3. We would prefer the majority of your art be of an Anime or Fantasy but we will accept art with Science Fiction themes as well. This means we should be able to determine that it fits into one of the above categories through subject matter, character design, or other forms of interpretation, to fit the forum we are providing.
  4. All Artist or their representatives will be responsible for hanging their own art. If you have a representative hang your art, please send a note letting us know that they have the right to do so. If any artist or their representative needs help in hanging the art, please feel free to ask.
  5. All pieces are required to be clearly marked, on the back or underneath, with the artist’s name and the name of the piece. This is to provide us with a way to match piece and artist at the auction, upon pick up, or upon retrieval if the piece doesn’t sell. It does not have to be permanent but must be attached well enough to handle moving. When the piece is displayed we will provide identity slips that will need to be placed on or near each piece showing the artist’s name, name of piece, character and/or series, and medium and price. Please be ready to provide this information when you or your art arrives.
  6. A-kon® reserves the right to change or add to these rules as circumstances dictate.

Legal Stuff

Copyrighted Merchandise

A-kon® and its associates will not tolerate the sale or display of illegally manufactured or copied merchandise. There are copyright laws and international trade laws that need to be followed. It is the responsibility of the artist to deal with copyright laws. The Convention, its staff, and all related personnel, assumes no responsibility for checking copyright permission. We respect the wishes of copyright holders. We will not allow fan artwork to be sold of any character or image for which the creators have given notice to A-kon® or other such events that fan artwork is disallowed.

Adult Merchandise

A-kon® is convention with minors in attendance. Adult media and merchandise must be sold within accordance to Texas law. Adult merchandise will be displayed in an adult section that will be curtained off from the rest of the Art Show. We will not be allowing anything to be hung that we consider obscene, vulgar or in poor taste (at the discretion of the Art Show Manager). The Art Show Manager reserves the right to determine if a piece of art will be placed in the adult section.

Security Provisions

A-kon® will provide guard service during the hours the Art Show is closed. However, the Artist is solely and fully responsible for his or her own exhibit material and should insure its exhibit against loss or damage from any cause whatsoever. All property of an Artist is understood to remain in its care, custody, and control in transit to, from or within the confines of the Art Show.