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Art lovers, assemble!

Our art show features artist selected pieces ranging from art inspired by your favorite shows and games to original art and designs. Some of the art showcased in the art show is for display only and; unfortunately, isn’t available to take home, but the artist will be named and you’ll be able to grab a link to their galleries or contact information so you can follow up with them and possibly work something out. In some cases, the artist may be participating in our Artist Alley so be sure to double check the list and go visit them!

For the collectors, our art auction is one of the best places to get unique art to add to your loot haul. Every piece shown in the auction is available for purchase for you to take home at the end of the weekend. You may even find several pieces from our current and former guests - both US and Japanese. If you’re looking for that original, one-of-a-kind piece of art, make sure you set aside time to join us this year!

The art show also displays all of the auction pieces so that bidders can browse and preview them prior to the auction event. At the artist's discretion, some of the auction art may be made available for quick sale. This means bidders (that’s you!) can elect to pay a fixed price set by the artist when the art is put up for previewing. Any art purchased via quick sale is available for take home immediately or may be left on display during the auction but listed as “sold” allowing you to show off your nifty new purchase.

Art Auction Location & Hours of Operation

The art auction location and hours of operation for both the previewing and auction event will be listed here and posted to our social media channels when available. The auction typically takes place on Saturday afternoon.

Art Show and Auction Policies
  • Photography is NOT permitted in the art show areas or during the art auction without the consent of the artist.  You are welcome to take pictures of any art you purchase from the auction once it’s in your possession.  
  • For the safety of the artwork, you may be required to check your purse, bag, packages, cameras, or other items when they enter for viewing.  All checked items will be returned to you when you leave the area or event..
  • Leave the boba behind - absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the art show and auction areas..
  • Rude, hateful, and demeaning commentary towards the artwork displayed will not be tolerated. Violators will be expelled from the show faster than you can say “じゅげむ じゅげむ ご - こう - の - すりきれ かいじゃり - すいぎょ の すいぎょう - まつ うんらい - まつ ふうらい - まつ くうねる ところ に すむ ところ やぶらこうじ の ぶらこうじ ぱいぽ ぱいぽ ぱいぽ の しゅうりんがん しゅうりんがん の ぐうりんだい ぐうりんだい の ぽんぽこぴい の ぽんぽこなあ の ちょうきゅうめい の ちょうすけ.”

Purchasing or Bidding on Art

Want to purchase art in our art auction? No problem. All bidders must obtain a bidder’s number at the Art Show HQ prior to when the auction is scheduled to begin. This is how we make sure you get the art you purchased. Details on what to do will be posted when the official location and hours are posted for the auction.

Purchased art must be picked up no later than one hour prior to the art show closing on Sunday.

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